Participants experience in the 5th session

    This is the fifth year that George Washington University participates and it is my third year that I represent my university. It is better and better every year.
    The questions we are getting from the students are better. It seems that students are doing some research and they are coming with better inquiries and they are more prepared.
    Compared to other fairs, it is certainly a busy and large one, in terms of number of visitors and number of universities that are participating. And we have the chance to meet with more students as well. There is nothing much to do to improve the fair. You are doing a great job. You are making us comfortable.
    What I suggest is to advise the students to prepare more in depths questions and to get more information about each university and to learn on how to apply. We hope to be here next year as well.
    Mr. Bryan Andriano, Ed.D
    Executive Director. Global Experiential Education The George Washington University (USA)
    It is my first year at the fair. It has been awesome so far. It is my first time in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and it has been great. I travel about 5 months out of the 9 academic months at the university so I am always on the road, I must say that this is the crowned jewel of fairs. I haven’t seen such an organized fair before.
    The quality of the students is outstanding. The number of the students is absolutely fantastic. By the second hour of the fair you are overwhelmed by how many students you are meeting. So I would definitely say that I was able to achieve my goals. I only want to thank the organizers for doing such a great job and for answering to all my inquiries day and night. We will certainly be here next year.
    Mr. Lukman Arsalan
    Assistant Director, Office of Admissions, University of Delaware (USA)
    It is our first year at IECHE. People here are interested in studying in the United States. The students have knowledge about they want to do in terms of education.
    We have absolutely achieved our goals not only in terms of meeting with students but also in meeting other universities and planning to integrate and build some partnership programs with them. I look forward to be participating next year.
    Mr. Luiz Pereira
    Director of International Recruitment, Daemen College (USA)
    It is our first year at IECHE. People here are interested in studying in the United States. The students have knowledge about they want to do in terms of education.
    We have absolutely achieved our goals not only in terms of meeting with students but also in meeting other universities and planning to integrate and build some partnership programs with them. I look forward to be participating next year.
    Mr. Shinkai Hisaaki
    Director, International Center, Osaka Institute of Technology (Japan)
    I have been coming for the last three years and it is a wonderful fare. I had the opportunity to meet with many students as well as a good number of administrators and faculty members from key Saudi universities and the kind of discussions and the exchanged that we have, you can’t have it anywhere else. Each year the fair gets larger and it gets better. The conference organizers as well as the ministry of higher education has always treated us wonderfully and they make us feel so comfortable and they just put a first rate exhibition. I have been to many other fairs but none with the size or quality of this one. The quality here in terms of the experience and the accommodation and the warmth of welcoming cannot be compared to any other fair. We are definitely achieving our goals. We are presenting many workshops. I have met with high level officials and with many institutions and we are talking about partnerships. It has been really productive so far. We will definitely be back next year.
    Dr. Richard R. Flores
    Senior Associated Dean, Professor of Anthropology at College of Liberal Arts; Executive Director, at UT Global Initiative The University of Texas at Austin (USA)
    We have been here all 5 years and we would like to be back in the next years to come. IECHE is constantly growing in a number of different ways. Saudis know that April is the time of the year that they come to IECHE and meet with a variety of institutions from around the world. Additionally we had an increase in the number of US universities participating at IECHE. By far this is the largest fair in the region. In addition to that, the students have a wealth of resources to choose from when it comes to institutes. It is hard when it comes to improvements, because is the organization is doing such a good job. We have published a magazine just for the fair and we have passed it to over 3,000 students so far. The magazine or journal is a great resource for students to have it during the fair. We look forward to another 5 years.
    Mrs. Karen M. Bauer
    Senior Education Advisor, American Embassy Riyadh (Education USA)
    This is my third year at IECHE and it is better every year. It is amazing with the number of universities attending and I am very impressed with the number of Saudi Universities and their quality that is getting better and better. It is one of the best education fair in the world. First because of the diversity and also it is both a conference and an exhibition at the same time so it combines both education’s sharing and learning. I suggest that you do virtual circle on certain topics that have been started at the fair during a workshop or a presentation because there is never enough time to get a fruitful discussion and getting the depth of it. I suggest if you go more with virtual throughout the year, kind of an online discussion circle. In terms of interacting, the organizer has done a great job. We will absolutely be here next year.
    Prof. William Moylan, PhD
    Associate Professor of Construction Management, Eastern Michigan University (USA)
    This is our fourth year attending IECHE and the attendance is incomparable this year. The quality of the students has increased; their level in English is improving year by year. The first year we were here, we had students who speak No English at all and now our conversation is entirely in English.
    I have been to other education fairs in the region like Oman and UAE but this fair has more focus. Also the number of exhibitors is by far the largest and it is the best opportunity for recruiting Saudi students. Most fairs are 2 days and 6 hours each day. IECHE is by far the longest and most exhausting but in the right way.
    The organization is very clear and very well done and we would very much like to participate next year.
    Mr. Jack Newman
    Director of Outreach and Development, New York Film Academy (USA)
    We have been participating for the last few years and it has been a great opportunity for us to be here.
    This is one of the best exhibitions we have been to. And of course we have achieved our goals. I think we need to have few more days because of the huge of number of students so we are able to reply to all their questions. Yes we will definitely be here again next year.
    Dr. Abdul Aziz Mat Isa
    Director, Student Affairs Centre University Tenaga Nasional (Malaysia)
    This is my fifth year at IECHE and we have been participating since it started. So far this is the best year.
    There has been some improvement at the organization and in the setup and in the overall program of the fair so I am very happy about it. By far this is the biggest fair I participate at in the region and it is the most organized one We are starting to spread the awareness of our programs in the hospitality management, and business administration. Also what is good is that the students now are more open in studying in Switzerland. What I achieved the most is that I have introduced the country as a destination for their education and I was able to introduce this new interesting field for the Saudi Students. What I suggest is to introduce to the students, prior to the fair, the list of the universities that are participating and their programs so they can visit the right institution. For sure we will be here next year.
    Mrs. Lubna Ali
    Regional Manager – Middle East Cesar Ritz Colleges Switzerland (Switzerland)
    This is my fifth time at IECHE. Every year it is getting better. We have already 125 Saudi Students in the Medical Faculty and some of them are doing PhD programs I have visited many fairs but IECHE is by far the biggest in the world and it looks really beautiful with all these pavilions especially ours. The organization is amazing and our communications with the organizers went very smoothly. We will absolutely be here next year as well. I would like to add that this year is a very special year for our university. As you can see on the board our university has been founded in 1614 so we are celebrating our 400 years.
    Mr. Simon J. van der Wal
    International Marketing Manager, International Relations University of Groningen (The Netherlands)
    It is our first time here and this is by far the biggest education fair I have attended. Since it is our first year here in Saudi Arabia, not only we are trying to recruit students but also it is a chance to collect more information and learn more about the education market in Saudi Arabia. We will definitely be here next year.
    Mrs. Kyuree Lee
    Office of International Affairs, Program Coordinator EWHA WOMANS UNIVERSITY (Korea)
    Our university is based in the middle of France and it is our first time at IECHE and our first time participating at an education fair.
    It is amazing that we are participating in such a big fair. For the moment we have pretty much achieved our goal.
    Some students want to study French language and they want to study in France and that is our main objective. We want to attract students to come and study in France. For the moment.
    I can’t see anything to improve, everything is impressive, it is a beautiful venue and so many countries are here. I hope you could come to France and study in French. We will definitely attend IECHE next year.
    Miss. Fabienne Dauvergne
    Communication Officer, Department of French for Foreign Students FLEURA University Blaise-Pascal (UBP) (France)
    This is the second time I have attended this fair. The event itself is well run.The quality and applicants has been as good as last year we have achieved our goals.
    I have been working with agents at the stand, in fact different Saudi agents each day and this allowed me to evaluate them and we have received several applications as well. The addition of the food area was a good improvement for us. Otherwise, this is well organized and we thank you for hosting us and for making all the Australian universities feel welcome here. We will definitely be here next year.
    Miss Gayle Hunt
    Regional Officer, Recruitment Manager for the Middle East, North Africa, Turkey, Azerbaijan. UniSA International University of South Australia (Australia)
    This is our third time that INSEEC has participated at IECHE and every year there is an increase of students interested to study in France.
    I am very pleased to be here and also to contribute to this opening up, in terms of orientation. Number of students are increasing, and we currently have 35 students enrolled at INSEEC, half of them are studying in French and the other half in English in Undergraduate and graduate programs. We are looking forward to increase this number. I have been participating in several fairs around the world, in Dubai, India, China, South and North America and I find that this is the biggest and largest fair I have ever been to. We find that there is a potential interest from the students to go and study in France and we in particular have so much to offer in terms of several programs. I suggest that the organizer consider doing this show twice a year and not only once. It is our pleasure to contribute to this success and we look forward to participate next year and all the other years to come.
    Dr. Amir Dhia
    Dean of Studies of MSC, MBA Campus for INSEEC Business group. INSEEC (France)
    I haven’t been to this fair before but I have been to other fairs internationally and from my point of view it is a very professional fair. We are honored to be here.
    Yes, we have made good contacts with students as well as with the local universities and it was our pleasure to meet them. I just want us to keep coming and participating at this fair because it is a very nice fair and the people are very hospitable. It is a nice country to visit again.
    Mr. Martin Hedman
    International Marketing Manager, International Relations Stockholm University (Sweden)
    It is our first time here at IECHE and it is a very large well visited fair especially in the afternoon. We are very satisfied so far. We are trying to promote the Arab/German Master programs since we have around 6 Arab/German programs so far and it is an opportunity for us to show case these programs and to get the students and the local universities get acquainted with our master programs. I don’t see anything that needs to be improved. It is very well organized and we are happy to participate so I don’t have any suggestion till now. I wish you all the best and all the luck and maybe we will be here next year.
    Mr. Hussam Rifai
    Dean of the Faculty of Tourism & Hotel Management / Coordinator of Arab/German Programs PH Ludwigsburg & Helwan University (Germany)
    We are here to recruit Saudi students and this is our first time at IECHE. We are very impressed and this is a high quality fair, very big, very organized. We really like the stands and the layout. Yes we have achieved our goals and are very happy. We are thinking to have a bigger stand next year since we will definitely be here next year.
    Mr. JB McCarthy
    Business Development Manager, College of Business and Law, Department of Accounting, Finance and Information Systems University College Cork, (Ireland)
    It is my first time personally but our university has been participating at IECHE for the last three years.
    So it is a very popular fair for us. It is a very busy show and the students are very enthusiastic. They have shown lot of interests and inquiries and as a result we have already lot of Saudi students in our university. Yes we have achieved our goals and we still got the busiest time to be at the stand until now. It is all very well organized and yes we will be here next year.
    Miss Lydia George
    Senior International Officer, International Office Glasgow Caledonian University (Scotland, UK)
    We have been attending the fair since its first edition and we are very satisfied and always looking for Saudi students to study at UCL. In terms of numbers of students compared to last year, the number has decreased but on the other hand the quality of those students has improved and that’s indicative of an increasing degree of sophistication among Saudi students who have done their work before they come and they have a much better idea of what they are looking for. I personally suggest having the event earlier in the year like the first edition on January or even October or November because of the cycle of the year. Otherwise all is well and we will be coming next year.
    Dr. David Stevens
    Head of the International Office University College London (UCL) (United Kingdom)
    I have been to this fair for the last four years and University of Auckland is very active in Saudi Arabia. We have around 30 staff in Saudi Arabian Universities and also we have a lot of students interested to study in New Zealand. We have been busy most of the time and we are getting lots of students interested in Masters and PhD programs. This is definitely the fair to participate at in the region. We will definitely be here next year.
    Mr. Bryan Read
    Director, International Business Development – Education The University of Auckland (New Zealand)
    We have been here because we have a very good relation with the Saudi Cultural Bureau in Canada and we have many Saudi students at our university. We enjoy the interaction between the countries and we are enjoying the interaction between Saudi Arabia and Canada. This is our second time to attend and it has been a delightful fair, very busy this year and always very organized. We are starting to build some relationship with some Saudi universities and with many students as well so this fair is helping us for sure to meet our goals and achieve our objectives. We will definitely be back next year.
    Dr. David Schantz
    Vice President Academic & Research Algoma University (Canada)
    This is my fourth time at the fair but it is the 5th time for Carleton University. It has been always a good fair and I find it always very successful. We come here to provide information to the Saudi students about our programs. Yes it has been very successful so far and the set up and the layout very good. Yes we will definitely be here next year.
    Mr. Greg Aulenback
    Graduate Recruitment Officer, Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs Carleton University (Canada)
    It is important for us to be her because I wanted to see the reality and things are in Saudi Arabia since it is my first time in the region.
    It was very good for us so far because it helped us meet with the students, local universities and also international universities.
    So it was very interesting as well. We are so far very satisfied because we had good contacts with Saudi students and Saudi universities but we have to see how it will work in the next few months.
    But I am quite sure that we will again next year.
    Prof. Francesco Ballio
    Rector’s Delegate for Relations with Gulf Countries and Iran Politecnico Di Milano (Italy)
    It has been once again a great honor and a sincere pleasure to have been invited as exhibitors at the International Exhibition & Conference and on Higher Education. Through our experience of participating in higher education exhibitions in other countries, I re-confirm that the IECHE is in our opinion the best event of its nature - the organization is outstanding, the atmosphere is unique and the attendance and quality of participants and attendees unparalleled. As exhibitors we received all forms of assistance before and during the event, our requests were addressed in the shortest time possible, our needs listened to and accommodated. The location itself is exceptional and all the arrangements that are put in place for sponsored and non-sponsored guests unequaled.
    Although preparing for and participating in higher education exhibitions is quite an ordeal, we look forward to participating in the IECHE every year.
    Stefania Fabri
    Director University of Malta (Malta)

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