Nayyaf Al Jabri
Vice Minister, Ministry of Education (General Education), KSA
Nayyaf R. Aljabri is currently serving as Deputy Minister for Education (general male education). Previously, he acted as a dean for the College of Education (Taibah University), a vice-dean for quality, a vice-dean for graduates, a supervisor for the Center of Teaching and Learning, and a chairman for the Department of Educational Administration. He had membership in senior committees focusing on improving research and teaching practices, and initiated projects to improve academic programs at Taibah University. He completed his PhD studies at the University of Manchester (UK), and conducted research in the economics of education, particularly issues related to effects of educational resources, quality of schools and teachers, student enrolment and tracking, as well as higher education finance. Dr. Aljabri is currently working with a team of deans and senior faculty members of colleges of education to reform policy of teacher education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.