Under the FAQ you will find the answers to the most common questions

  • I would like to inquire about the location of the International Exhibition and Conference?
    The International Exhibition and Conference will be held in Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Centre (RICEC) at King Abdullah Road, Riyadh (near the Prince Salman Social Center). Please click Google map link in our website homepage.
  • Is there an immediate admission to the universities participating in the exhibition for undergraduate or post graduate studies? And if so, what are the conditions for such admission?
    There is no advise from the participating universities to have an immediate admission, and the conditions vary from one university to another since every university has its own admission system.
  • Will you provide transportation for the students studying abroad in the fifth phase of the scholarship program coming from outside Riyadh?
    Exhibition officials are only responsible for providing such services for the institutions participating at the Exhibition. Students will be provided with available information about the participating entities only, and we do not provide accommodation or transport (either for students inside or outside Riyadh).
  • I am an employee, and I am nominated for a scholarship on nursing management to the US or Canada, can I attend the exhibition and register with one of the participating universities’ representatives at the exhibition?
    Yes, you can attend the exhibition, and check the programs of these universities.
  • I would like to attend and register in the exhibition, how should I do it or is it open for all?
    Exhibition is open for the public and there is no need for registration.
  • Can university students attend all or some of the events in the exhibition without having invitations or without participation of the university in which they are enrolled?
    Exhibition events are open to all, and no invitation is needed.
  • Can I participate by submitting a paper at the events in the conference?
    Speakers have already been preselected prior to the event. However you can attend and ask questions or comments during the conference.
  • Can anyone visit the exhibition?
    Exhibition visiting is open to all according to the schedule except for the opening day which is by invitations only.
  • Are children permitted to enter?
    Yes, children can visit the exhibition while accompanied by their parents or guardians.

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