Salvador Malo
Former Director General, Higher Education, Mexican Ministry of Education (SEP)

The ever-increasing pace of change of modern societies is continuously opening new ways of learning and knowledge production. Aware of this pressure, universities world-wide are exploring ways to cope with it. Institutions that have strong human, technical and financial resources, explore and introduce new teaching and learning models, innovate working practices and transform their educational or organizational models. The majority of universities, however, struggle to follow the main trends and persuade deans and professors of the need of change, as well to convince and engage them in transforming the university into an institution flexible and capable of adapting to change.

To achieve these goals and overcome the hurdles, the best way seems to be an increase dialogue in a whole-system collective approach that involves the various levels and sectors of a university. Through it, university leaders can foster capacity building, stakeholder involvement and student engagement while, at the same time, steer the institution to focus on processes rather than structures, on skills in addition to contents, and on problem solving rather than rote learning.

First Degree in Physics from México´s National University
PhD Degree in Physics from Imperial College, University of London

Deputy Director General for Research at Mexico´s Petroleum Institute
Director General for Research at México´s Ministry of Education
Secretary General at Mexico´s National University
Director General at the Centre for the Assessment of Higher Education, Mexico
Director General at the Council for the Assessment and Certification of Competencies
Director General for Universities at Mexico´s Ministry of Education
Currently, Director General at ACET,an independent consulting firm on Higher Education Policy and Development